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         40mm Villagers! Page (updated 2/9/13)

The Villagers range includes the 40mm figures you need to populate your farmsteads, villages and towns of the SYW and AWI period.

All figures supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.

And remember - you get a 10% discount on orders over $100.00, or a 15% discount on orders over $250.00. Buy big and save! 

Figures are $3.50 each unless otherwise noted.

AWV 1- Tavern Keeper in vest, bearheaded, holding mug & pip
AWV 2- Villager in vest & tricorn holding pistol and lantern
AWV 3- Villager in vest and floppy hat holding musket in both hands
AWV 4- Milk Maid sitting on a three legged stool milking a cow…..$ 12.50

Photos by Don Nelson.




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