40mm Figure Page (updated 12/5/14)

Here are some photos of 40mm figures painted by our customers. If you would like us to feature your photos here, go ahead and email them to Doug. If we like 'em, we'll use 'em!


More great work from the team of Dake & Nelson. Really inspirational stuff!

Here are some beautiful photos from the collection of Don Nelson. Don took the photos and Steve Dake painted the figures. Excellent work men!

Here are some photos of Trident figures painted by David Bonk. Excellent work David!


Check out these great photos from a recent game we had using some of Trident's awesome AWI range! This game was at Doug's house, where he has one of the world's greatest wargaming table with lots of scenery available. When Doug puts on a game, everyone has a great time!

Here is an AWI figure painted by Michael G. Excellent work!

These figures are all Trident Designs, painted by Murray Nash, an excellent painter!

Here are some more photos by Murray, sent to us in June of 2008.

Eric Jones sent us the photo below in December of 2008, one of Butler's Rangers out in the snow. Nice composition!

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