The Trident Designs  "COMMISSIONED WORK" (5-7-18)

Our customers sometimes commission us to do some specialized work for them. We have listed them here and they are also for sale. The price is the same as our other ranges, $3.50 per foot figures & $12.50 per mounted figure unless specified. These ranges have all the personality and dynamism you have come to expect from Trident Designs and The Miniature Service Center.

And remember - you get a 10% discount on orders over $100.00, or a 15% discount on orders over $250.00. Buy big and save!  

All figures are designed by Sean Judd.

All figures are $3.50 unless otherwise noted.

PORTUGUESE INFANTRY (Comming soon along with more information)
(Choose the type of head you would like with your figure: Example: NAPPORG 1 With NAP 1)
NAPPORG 1 - Officer mounted on horse................$12.50
NAPPORG 2 - Officer marching
NAPPORG 3 - Standard marching
NAPPORG 4 - Drummer marching
NAPPORG 5 - Marching 
(More figures to come) (These have been commissioned by Carl G. of NY)

Choose the type of head you would like to go with your figure. (Also extra head packs are available at $3.50 per pack of eight)
NAP 1 - Portuguese Stovepipe
NAP 2 - Portuguese Barretina

($65.00 per Infantry pack of 24 figures) (No other discounts apply to the packs)
(Choose the type of head you would like to go with your pack.)

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