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Indians of the AWI Page (updated  2/05/13)

Painted by Steve Dake

Here you will find our excellent range of 40mm Native American figures for the American War of Independence. This will be the range to get if you want to fight some of the epic skirmishes of the period! As with all our ranges, the focus is on historical accuracy and exciting, animated poses.

All figures supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.

And remember - you get a 10% discount on orders over $100.00, or a 15% discount on orders over $250.00. Buy big and save! 

Figures are $3.50 each unless otherwise noted.

AWI 1- Crouched down, advancing with musket, bare-chested, leggings, Mohawk.
AWI 2- Advancing with raised tomahawk, rifle in other hand, bare-chested, leggings, Mohawk.
AWI 3- Advancing with musket, head turned to the left.

AWI 4- Advancing with musket wearing shirt.
AWI 5- Kneeling down, crouching with musket
AWI 6- Standing Firing Bow 
AWI 7- Leader with musket pointing with warclub
AWI 8- Firing musket

Photos by Don Nelson.




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